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Modular and universal clamping

MTS base plates are the flexible and precise interface for single or multiple palletization.

MTS base plates are available in various versions – with 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 MTS chucks, depending on the model. We would also like to advise you on customized versions

Minimizing setting-up times

Workpieces and fixtures are palletized so that they can placed on the machine when required without any further setting up. On the machine, the MTS palletizing system holds them in position with precision and stability.

Further jobs are prepared outside the machine.


The MTS system is ideally suitable for automated pallet change.

When workpieces are changed, the contact surfaces of the chucks and chucking spigots are cleaned automatically. The MTS pallets are positioned neatly and with precision.

Low construction height

The low construction height of the EROWA MTS tooling system leaves a great deal of space for workpieces.

MTS chucks are fitted to the machine table or directly integrated in it.

Making use of existing equipment

Existing vises, gauges and fixtures are equipped with chucking spigots or palletized. This immediately makes them universally integrated in the MTS system.

Making optimal use of working space

The EROWA mineral cast tombstone provides a great deal of space for the simultaneous setting up of different workpieces. The entire working space of the machine is optimally exploited through the use of a tombstone.

The various EROWA MTS palletizing systems at a glance

EROWA MTS 81 – small construction size, high degree of clamping power

MTS 81 is used wherever space is limited. Precise positioning of the pallets and high clamping force included.

EROWA MTS – the universal interface

The proven and versatile datum-point tooling system enables the pallet carriers to be changed within seconds with a repeat accuracy of < 0.005 mm.

The modular construction of the clamping components allows an almost unlimited combination of all components.

EROWA MTS 2.0 – to meet the toughest requirements

The zero point clamping system with forward-looking functions. Ready for Industrial 4.0. Status display in real time with highest process reliability.

The centering and compensation pins position and center the workpiece carrier with < 0.003 mm precisely in the MTS 2.0 chucks.