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Practical design

The blank vise has a compact and robust design and as a workpiece carrier provides the machine-tool with optimal accessibility to the workpiece.

A height of only 100mm leaves a great deal of space for machining – even for larger workpieces.

High degree of clamping power

The blank vise enables blanks to be clamped powerfully and reliably (up to 35kN) without prestamping and at a minimum clamping height of only 3mm.

Stamping jaw

The blank is stamped when clamped for the first time.

This makes prestamping on the stamping unit unnecessary. Set-up times and costs are reduced.

Automatically in the center

The blank vise is characterized by a high degree of centering precision and repeatability. The workpiece can be centrically clamped with bolts on both sides.

Flexible clamping

Clamping jaws that can be changed according to requirements result in a flexible clamping range of up to 165mm.


An integrated interface enables the blank vise to be clamped into the following EROWA chucks: PowerChuck P, ProductionChuck 210 Combi and MTS Single Chuck.

The blank vise can be used in manual or automated operation.