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Universally usable

EROWA ITS 50 holders C can be universally used for most machining technologies.

Patented safety

The sealing plate of the EROWA ITS 50 holder C and the sealing ring constitute a positive-locking seal.

This provides the chuck with maximum protection against contamination.


Seals are available to fit all EROWA chucks.

The sealing ring is put over the chuck on the machine table.

Retrofit existing holders

Existing ITS 50 holders of the first generation can simply be retrofitted and put to continued use.

Fit the sealing plate (with new or existing centering plates and supports) to the existing holder.


The new ITS 50 holders C are prepared for automated handling with an EROWA robot. They have a gripper slot at the circumference.

Suitable gripper

The holders can be moved by a robot with a model ITS 50 C gripper.

This particular gripper fits all current EROWA robots.